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In-Line Chiropractic

Lindy Johnson, D.C.
[email protected]

9822 Whithorn Dr Suite B
Houston, Texas 77095
(281) 894-5020


5stars.png 5 Star Review

Review: Dr. Lindy Johnson has renewed and recharged my life! Honestly, I didn\'t really believe in chiropractors and had never gone to one before, but I had been in so much pain in my lower back that it sometimes hurt to lift my foot onto a curb. My pain was making me miserable and was effecting my day to day activities. Besides, I had nothing to lose. I had told my various physicians about my pain and they speculated it to be arthritis issues but never suggested a plan to help me. So, I inquired around and was referred to Dr. Johnson by a friend. I felt immediately better after my first session. After the initial X-rays she was able to explain the reason for my pain and did so patiently and in terminology I could understand. For the first time in years, I could feel some relief from my chronic pain! I have been going now for a few months and have been able to reintroduce physical activities like Zumba into my daily life again. Dr. Johnson is very personable, knowledgeable, efficient,professional and compassionate. Her receptionist is just as competent in her job, greeting everyone with a smile and answering all your questions concerning scheduling or insurance issues. My treatments have renewed my faith and given me hope for a brighter future again, without limitations like I had before! In-Line Chiropractic has been a wonderfully positive experience for me. The appointments are always promptly on time. I would refer In-Line Chiropractic and Dr. Lindy Johnson to anyone that is suffering needlessly. Don\'t wait another minute to feel better! I\'m glad someone told me about this awesome service.

Patti Brooks, Cypress, Texas , November 29th, 2012



5stars.png 5 Star Review

Review: After ten weeks of dealing with "colic" and reflux my baby boy is a completely different baby! He has not spit up or vomited once since his treatment from Dr. Lindy! He use to cry from 5pm-9pm every night for what seemed like no reason. He smiles all evening, now! Samantha Hall

Anonymous, , October 3rd, 2012


5stars.png 5 Star Review

Review: I walked into the office on crutches with pain from my lower back down my right leg. They took xrays and stated it was from 3-4 disc in my spine. I was placed on the "stretching" machine and it worked wonders. It helped to alleviate the tension in my lower back and grant me relief. I woke up this morning feeling GREAT! Its truly a miracle as the pain is gone. Now its time to exercise and get the muscles back in order. I would like to thank Lindey Johnson for her help.

J Duncan, Cypress, Texas, September 27th, 2012


5stars.png 5 Star Review

Review: During my fourth pregnancy I suffered from bad hip and scaitic pain. I tried massage, meds and visits to an MD and was finally given relief when I started seeing Dr. Lindy. I noticed that she was in my neighboorhood so I called and made an appointment. I noticed a difference in my comfort level that day! After a few visits I could finally sit and stand without pain! Thank you Dr. Lindy!

Ashley Yoakem, cypress, June 25th, 2012


5stars.png 5 Star Review

Review: I think that Dr. Lindy Johnson is great. She is doing a good job of relieving my back/neck/arm pain. She really seems to care about me. I would recommend her to any of my friends who are looking for a chiropractor. Her staff is also very nice and caring.

Kandi Fuchs, Barker Cypress, May 8th, 2012


5stars.png 5 Star Review

Review: Dr. Lindy is super. I got treatment from her and now I want to refer my son. She can save you lots of money versus seeking out traditional MDs to try to diagnose your pain. You may seek out a series of MDs trying to find the one that specializes in your problem and end up spending tons of money and maybe without a correct diagnosis and treatment. Dr. Lindy knows how to read x-rays and how to treat pain originating from the spinal cord and from displaced vertebra. I highly recommend her and her staff.

Thomas Butler, 12500 Barker Cypress Road #16305, May 8th, 2012


5stars.png 5 Star Review

Review: What a wonderful doctor, she has a heart as big as Texas by the people she helps and the great bedside manner. She is so professional with the way she treats her patients each with different needs. Bethany is a hard little worker who runs the office well. When I was thinking about going to a chiropractor I had seven years of cortisone shots, trigger point injections, and then finally decided that was enough it's only a bandaid and I need to get it fixed. I looked and looked and looked in Sugar Land because this is where I live and their are so many chiropractors I literally got so confused that I waited. We had just hired a programmer at the company I work for. Well he saw me bent over almost to my knees and asked what's going on with your back? Herniated Disk along with some other issues and he said disk decompression that he had it done in California. He said he'd met this chiropractor at the church that he and his wife go to, WOW! That's exactly what I needed to hear. No doubt about it I was going to this doctor 45 miles from home. He gave me her name I looked up her number and called. Within 10 minutes Dr. Lindy calls me back and said she could see me at 3 the same day. I just knew she was the angel I had been waiting for. Tell me has a doctor ever returned a call when you tried to make an appointment? I don't think so. The rest is history. I just love this doctor and will always keep her in my heart. May the Lord be always with you.

Mark, Sugar Land, Texas, May 8th, 2012


5stars.png 5 Star Review

Review: I have been seeing a chiropractic for about 4 years due to a shoulder problem. He has been adjusting my shoulder and life goes. on. I moved to Cypress, found Dr Lindy Johnson and instead of just adjusting my shoulder she has worked on moving my muscles to where they should be. I feel like I have a new shoulder!!

David R. Rasing, cypress tx, March 12th, 2012


5stars.png 5 Star Review

Review: Lindy Johnson and her staff is great. I love how they treat you like a person and not a number.She's great at helping with the pain naturally and no medication. It's a great long term affect. I highly recommend her office.

trisha kassmya, 249, February 27th, 2012


5stars.png 5 Star Review

Review: I had tightness and pain in my neck that wouldn't go away. I visited Dr. Johnson at In-Line Chiropractic for adjustments and rehabilitation. I had heard so many stories about chiropractors that I was a little apprehensive. Dr. Johnson was wonderful with me. She had my neck feeling great within a few months. I am pain free now and am looking forward to maintaining my neck and spine. She increased my mobility in my neck by 50%.

Rhonda Vargas, Cypress, February 21st, 2012


5stars.png 5 Star Review

Review: I had back pain for several months. Once I started receiving treatments the pain is almost completly gone after only 4 weeks. I would definately recommend using Dr. Johnson.

Tim Vardeman, Cypress, February 20th, 2012


5stars.png 5 Star Review

Review: Dr. Lindy is a life saver!! I suffered with migraines and low back pain for years. Now I am pain free and come in monthly to get aligned. Her staff is super friendly and professional.

nicole , houston, February 20th, 2012


5stars.png 5 Star Review

Review: Dr. Lindy Johnson is amazing! Great care, great staff. I suffered from headaches for the last 5 years, and now I have no more headaches! Thank you for all the help you've given me.

Sarah Jones, Cypress, TX, December 1st, 2011


5stars.png 5 Star Review

Review: I have gotten much needed relief of chronic pain due to heavy lifting at work. Dr. Lindy is a great doctor that really cares about what your problem is and how to fix it. She has a very nice, supportive staff that is very organized. I highly recommend her to anyone suffering from back or neck pain.

s young, Cypress, December 1st, 2011


5stars.png 5 Star Review

Review: My wife and I and two kids were in a car accident 2 months ago and we have and continue to seek treatment at Dr.Johnson office we are fortunate to have this kind of treatment to help us with these types of injuries. We have made improvement and fortunate that we are feeling better. We would like to thank Dr. Johnson for the wonderful care we receive!

Dwayne, Cypress TX, December 1st, 2011


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